Monday, 12 March 2012

16th b'day party - photo booth fun

I'm finally back to post about the photo booth we had at goob's 16th b'day bonanza!!

if you missed the yumminess of the candy bar/dessert table/complete overload of sugar - you can see more in the previous party post - here.

so, as it was previously booked as a 'pool party' - and the weather did not wish to cooperate on the day (nor the week beforehand - nor the whole of summer really.......I digress.......) we decided to set up a photo booth to keep the teenagers busy for a few hours of indoor fun!!

there were lots and lots of photos - and I promise not to post them all on here.
however I will share some of the fun - as it really was a hoot - and something I'd recommend for anyone.

here's the lovely birthday girl - miss goob - just before the guests started to arrive.....

....and my three girls.....

yeah - I'm pretty fond of them!!!! :)'s how the photo booth looked in our lounge room.....

we pulled out the trusty box of dress-ups; hung some streamers from some string; added in a couple of tissue paper pom-poms; placed in a couple of lights; had various stools on standby for height variations when needed; used some little white-boards for messaging fun; re-purposed a lovely gold frame from a picture that was never going to hang on my walls (the pic was my mums - and it was always stashed away in the cupboard - so it was time for it to have a new life as a photo booth prop!!); and we stuck the new camera on a tri-pod.

for those that don't have loads of dress-ups like we do in this family - check out any cheap dollar-discount store and you're sure to find some props for the occasion. I also have more ideas pinned onto my pinterest board - party ideas here.

I thought of a few different ideas for the backdrop - however the great thing about the streamers (as opposed to a sheet/fabric) - it was able to be attached to the underside of the cornice with a couple of pins - and removed without barely a mark.

the girls actually stuck all the streamers together - they just taped them over the string - taping at the back. they decided that a couple of streamers in each colour made a better colour block than just alternating every streamer.

clever my girls are!!!!

edited to add: as for the logistics of actually shooting the photos - the girls kept putting the camera on self timer - and snapped away when they were ready. 

anyhoo - I decided all along that I wanted to photo edit the shots (post party) into photo strips - just like out of an old photo booth - so I played around a little in picnik - and these are some of the shots I came up with.....

to give you an idea of the difference from the original photos - here's a direct comparison.....

 the photos on the right were given a black outline (as opposed to white on the left) - then under picnik 'effects' I hit on 'gritty' - changing the darkness to only about 20-25%. (it usually defaults to around 40%)

here is some more fun from my eky and triple j.....

and as I said - I won't share all the photos here - but here's just a small taste of the fun had by the party girls.....

I've made up lots of photo strips (with 3 pics) of all the photos for goob to share with her friends - as well as another two mega collages like the one above. she can share the digital photo files - and they can print them off themselves if they choose.

everyone had a great time - no one is ever too old to dress up and have photo fun!!!

one hint that I must share - have another charged up battery on hand - as ours ran down and we didn't have another. (eeekkk!!) we'll definitely have two batteries next time.......because you know we have to now have photo booths at everyone's parties here in house-o-nefotlak.......I have been told!!!!!

oh - and for those that don't know - the wonderful photo editing site picnik is closing down on april 19 - however there is a new photo editing site just starting up that I was introduced to via the blog - the real housewives of bucks country - the site is called picmonkey - put together by some of the makers of picnik - and the lovelies from the fore mentioned blog have a great intro post to picmonkey - do go and have a read here.

picmonkey has not yet got the collage photo making abilities just yet - but they hint that it will be coming soon.

anyhoo - hope you enjoyed our photo booth fun.
we did!!

hope your week has started off well.

loads of hugz from here.
cheryl xox.

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  1. I love the photo booth idea! We had one at our wedding (complete with box of props) and everyone had so much fun using it.

  2. What a GREAT idea! I can see the girls have been having fun, love it! And the photos will make such a good memory. You and your girls are very creative!
    Have a lovely week!

  3. Hey! Just found you through Home Stories! So glad I did! This was a genius idea! Great job! What a fun and do-able thing to do for a party! :)
    PS Come link this up at my place on Wednesday if you can!?

  4. Photos look great, Cheryl! Your girls are so lucky to have such a creative, fun Mum :)

  5. Awesome idea! Thanks for Sharing!! :)

  6. Hi Cheryl - I LOVE this idea. What a brilliant thing to do. You have got me all excited now and in a fluster as I just want to go and set one up for myself. Thanks for the great idea. I will also be checking out picmonkey as I am devo that Pinik is closing down. xx

  7. What a great idea, the pics look great, and it looks like everyone had a great time - clever girls u are x

  8. Very neat and creative !!! Your newest follower!!!!

  9. I wish they said had photo booths in malls. Apparently it's still really popular in Japan.

    -Zane of ontario honey

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  12. Oh so amazing 16th b'day party and this photo booth fun looks great to me. I am definitely going to steal these fabulous ideas from this party for my mom’s 40th birthday. I am planning a cute surprise party at one of her favorite event space San Francisco.

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